Seer Green Vineyard

Seer Green Vineyard is a family run enterprise in the tranquil Buckinghamshire village of Seer Green. We became accidental owners of the vineyard in 2007 when we moved from one side of the village to the other. At the time we were not sure if the vines were going to be part of our long term plans but after a few visits from various vine experts we were told that with care and attention we would be able to cultivate good quality grapes and thus wine.

After a very steep learning curve (which continues to this day) we had our first successful harvest in 2009. The vineyard itself is spread over an acre with nearly 400 vines of which we have three varieties namely Pinot Noir (one of the oldest vines and famous for its use in the Burgundy region of France), Auxerrios Blanc de Laquenexy (full sibling of Chardonnay & popular in the wine growing region of Alsace) and finallly Seyval Blanc (cross of Siebel and Rayon d’Or which is suited to the UK climate).

We are proud of the fact that every grape that goes into our wine is from our own vineyard in Seer Green and we do not blend our harvest with any other grapes. We decide after each harvest on the best wine to make but our decision is always based on what would we enjoy with the family and friends that help us keep the vineyard going. To date that decision has resulted in sparkling wine.

Multi award winning wine maker Clive Vickers stated that the “The Seer Green crop from 2009 was excellent, the vines were not over cropped and the sugar and acidity levels were seen as ideal for sparkling wine. It has developed the perfect style of an English fizz that is individual and yet capable of competing with traditional champagnes”.

Seer Green Vineyard,
112 Chalfont Road,
Seer Green,

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