Go Spice

Go Spice are producers of a range of spice blends from around the world. Go Spice blends are versatile and ideal for adding delicious flavours to meat, chicken, fish, stews, pasta and vegetarian dishes. We freshly grind whole spices and hand blend them to our own recipes before packaging in user friendly and attractive jars. All of our blends are 100% spices and herbs with no added salt, sugar or artificial additives.

The Go Spice aim is to supply delicious and easy to use blends that can be used as rubs and marinades, curry blends and seasonings for tagines, soups and stews, inspired by cuisines from all corners of the culinary world.

contact:  Derek Darke

phone:  07963 598438

email:  derek@gospice.co.uk

website:  http://www.gospice.co.uk/

online shop:  Yes