Busby’s Bees


Local to Abingdon, Busby’s Bees have honey and hive products that are all home made.

Our honey is all 100%, RAW BRITISH HONEY, and as the name suggests, it just as it comes from the hive. The bees forage in orchards, meadows and hedgerows and possibly some of my customers gardens, to produce their golden nectar.

The honey is taken straight from the beehive to the jar, nothing added, nothing taken away! its as natural a food as you can get.

When the weather is warm enough, I try to bring bees in a glass hive so that visitors can see the wonderful workings of a hive, and possibly see bees hatching out as well.

Along with honey, we also sell blocks of Beeswax, Furniture Polish, Candle kits and are aiming to add a small range of hand and face creams all made using honey or beewax and all natural ingredients.

79 Bath Street
X14 1EG

Contact:  David Busby

Phone:  01235 526191

Email:  [email protected]

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Busbys-Bees-758662504238718

Online Shop:  No