About Us

Welcome to Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Co-operative. We run markets in towns across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and South Buckinghamshire, bringing local food to local people.

Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Co-operative exists to manage and promote Farmers’ Markets, enabling farmers and small producers to sell their produce directly to you!

Also, we all want to do our bit to cut down ‘food miles’. Most of the food and drink sold at Thames Valley Farmers’ Markets is produced within a 30 mile radius of the market.

We want to cut down waste too. You can help us by bringing your re-usable bags and containers when you come shopping.

Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Co-operative assesses all producers before they are accredited to trade at our markets. This means that you can be sure you are buying food and drink from the people who have grown, reared, baked and made it, all to the highest standards. All our markets are FARMA certified

We began operating in the Thames Valley area in 1999. Since then our markets have flourished and we now operate in 13 towns.

Buying at farmers’ markets helps to support local farmers and producers. There are no middlemen involved, and no profits for supermarkets and their shareholders.

We are a non profit-making organisation and in 2003 we became a co-operative. The funds that we raise through membership fees and stall fees are ploughed back into the co-operative. All the producers at our markets are voting members who can share in the way the co-operative is run.

If you are interested in becoming a member please go to the “how to join” page.

Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Cooperative Ltd
Unit 9
Boston House
Grove Technology Park
OX12 9FF

phone: 01235 227266

email: [email protected]

All members are welcome to attend our monthly Committee meetings. Please contact the office to find out the date, time and location of the next meeting